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Usługi dźwigowe 24h Szczecin Liebherr

Cranes up to 120 tons

Industrial and building projects often require specialised equipment. Thanks to their versatility, mobile cranes are indispensable machines in the process of completing projects: from construction of halls and warehouses, though air conditioning installation and housing construction, to the handling of freight.

Crane services 24h in Szczecin, Stargard and surrounds, with crane and hook operators.

Prolift KRAN offers crane services 24h in Szczecin, Stargard and within the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, e.g. Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje, Wałcz, and also in Gorzów Wielkopolski. At our clients’ disposal we have recognised LIEBHERR brand building equipment and cranes, together with crane and hook operators. We deal with loading and unloading, redeployment of bulky items, and construction assembly. We provide cranes with a base reach of up to 66m (+ additional 19m jib). We guarantee the highest quality of service – contact us and find out our full range of options.

Crane services Szczecin – use of cranes

Take advantage of crane rental in Szczecin and surrounds to simplify tasks requiring the moving of heavy loads and work at heights. Cranes are an indispensable element of housing and industrial construction. They assist in transport operations and the relocation of construction components. Without them, the installation of heavy steel parts is impossible.

Professional cranes in Szczecin and surrounds

Professional cranes are an asset in difficult conditions and places which regular wheeled vehicles cannot access. Renting a crane with a reach of up to 69m limits operating and personnel costs. One professional operator is enough to operate the machine.

24-hour crane services in Szczecin up to 120 tons

Our 24-hour crane services up to 120 tons offer professional loading and unloading of bulky items. We approach every task individually, ensuring experienced personnel: crane and hook operators. As a result, we are able to carry out every task precisely and comprehensively, from start to finish.


Loading and Unloading

We offer crane services for loading and unloading.



We offer crane services for relocation and installation.



We offer crane services in the field of building installation and general construction work.


Crane Hire

We offer crane hire with an operator and hook operator.

Crane Hire Szczecin – why is it worthwile?

Modern building work on a large scale is impossible without crane hire. Jibs and booms guarantee the required operating area and the precision of the work. They significantly increase the efficiency of operations and improve mobility. They allow complex tasks to be carried out with significant weights and dimensions.

Liebherr Cranes Szczecin

Profit KRAN offer our clients LIEBHERR cranes, from the German company renowned for the highest quality machines. Their name is synonymous with reliability and professionalism. Also not without importance in the operation of cranes is the human factor. That’s why our operators are highly trained and have many years of experience working at height.

Our selection includes the following models of crane:

  • Liebherr 1050
  • Liebherr 1060
  • Liebherr 1070
  • Liebherr 1090
  • Liebherr 1100
Liebherr 1050: 50-ton crane

Dźwig 50 ton Liebherr 1050 Szczecin

Max. load: 50 t
Telescoping boom: 38 m
Max. hoist height: 54 m
Max. radius: 44 m
Axles: 3
Liebherr 1060: 60-ton crane

Dźwig 60 ton Liebherr 1060 Szczecin

Max. load: 60 t
Telescoping boom: 48 m
Max. hoist height: 63 m
Max. radius: 48 m
Axles: 3
Liebherr 1070: 70-ton crane

Dźwig 70 ton Liebherr 1070 Szczecin

Max. load: 70 t
Telescoping boom: 50 m
Max. hoist height: 65 m
Max. radius: 48 m
Axles: 4
Liebherr 1090: 90-ton crane

Dźwig 90 ton Liebherr 1090 Szczecin

Max. load: 90 t
Telescoping boom: 50 m
Max. hoist height: 76 m
Max. radius: 62 m
Axles: 4
Liebherr 1100: 100-ton crane

Dźwig 100 ton Liebherr 1100 Szczecin

Max. load: 100 t
Telescoping boom: 60 m
Max. hoist height: 91 m
Max. radius: 58 m
Axles: 4
Liebherr 1120: 120-ton crane

Max. load: 120 t
Telescoping boom: 66 m
Max. hoist height: 66 m
Max. radius: 64 m
Axles: 4

Loads up to (t)

Reach up to (m)


Crane hire — where are our services available?

We welcome clients from Szczecin and the entire West Pomeranian area. We can deliver our machines to, among other places, Koszalin, Stargard, Kołobrzeg and Police, as well as Świnoujście, Międzyzdroje, and even to Wałcz and Gorzów Wielkopolski. As with pricing, work locations require individual consultation. Simply give us a call or write to us. We will then provide you with specific information about whether it is possible for Prolift KRAN to perform the work at the specified location.

Crane services West Pomerania – price

Crane hire with an operator necessitates individual pricing for every task. The cost of work depends on a range of factors, such as the degree of complication of the task and duration of machine hire. We price short and small-scale orders differently than long-term cooperation. Jobs can last for a few hours, up to days, weeks, or even several months. The degree of complexity of the tasks to be undertaken is also significant.
Call or write an email to find out the exact cost of our services. We will discuss the conditions of machine hire in detail.

Crane services 24h Szczecin – services from proliftkran.pl

Call us to rent a dependable crane operated by professional, trained and experienced personnel. We guarantee an individual approach and diligence in providing services around the clock. We assist clients in diverse industries. Work is undertaken using equipment of the highest quality and durability. We offer a lifting capacity up to 120 tons i a boom with a reach of up to 69 metres. We travel to any desired location in Szczecin and the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

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Pomorska 112
Szczecin, 70-812 Polska

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